Fav Foto Friday #7

The cattle on a thousand hills. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He said so. (Psalm 50:10) Now I have a picture of a real place that I’ve experienced that I can go to in my head when I think of that.

Okay, so it’s sheep. But the mountains…
Taken on the Norway in a Nutshell tour.
Chatsworth Estate
Northern Scotland
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Fav Foto Friday #6

OK, so I’ve missed a week. I’ve been busy getting ready for a holiday craft show tomorrow. I’ve made so many mistakes today that I decided that what I have done is enough.

Things I've been making to sell
Things I’ve been making to sell

But I do have a fav foto to share. This one was taken on my trip this summer to the UK and Norway. We had a day to spend in Trondheim, Norway before taking the train north above the Arctic Circle. As we walked around the city we found flowers everywhere. I guess it was still springtime there. In both the UK and Norway, the flowers were predominantly purple or yellow.

I bought some fabric in this color a month or so ago because it reminded me of these flowers.
I bought some fabric in this color a month or so ago because it reminded me of these flowers.

I love the purple with a little bit of blue in the center. This picture really doesn’t do them justice. They were eye-popping purple.

Hope you like them too!

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Next leg of the journey

In November I’m looking forward to:

  1. New bible study series starting Monday
  2. A visit with my dad to hear his story about July 4, 1754. That’s all he would tell me over the phone but it has to be something about our family history.
  3. Shopping Extravaganza at my church where I’ll be selling some of my handcrafted goods.
  4. My daughter and son-in-law coming in for Thanksgiving. We’ll be shopping for the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) kids. One of our favorite shopping sprees.
  5. Thanksgiving

My October journeys were fun. Visit with my daughter included laughter, good food (son-in-law is a great cook) and scenic drives. The weekend beach cabin trip with friends, because of the remnants of a hurricane that dumped rain on the Gulf coast and closed the coastal road, turned out to be a trip to Natchitoches, LA for some shopping, eating, and sight-seeing as well as good times. Both of these weekend trips included a bit of fall color. Then the visit to the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past week was wonderful but just not long enough to see everything. Next year I hope to take a whole group of ladies and take a couple of days.

What are you looking forward to?

Fav Foto Friday #5

Well, I almost missed today’s post.

I went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston yesterday. I’ve only been twice before. Need a few days to actually see it all. I know we didn’t see half the quilts that were on display because our time was limited. Today I’ll show you the favorites of the ones I saw. The first one here is Audrey done in pixels. Each square (pixel) was about 1/2″. Amazing work.

Audrey in pixels

Up next was a photo of an elderly lady that was printed onto fabric and then “painted” with thread. Thread painting was popular there this year.

thread painting
Thread painting

This next was fascinating. I’m really getting interested in miniature quilts. This one’s blocks are made up of squares that are .2 inches. So each block you see is only about 1″ square. Such patience!

Full size quilt? No miniature.
Full size quilt?

Now to choose between these next two as to which is my favorite. OK, I know this is a fav foto post but when the subject is quilts…

This sampler quilt has 99 traditional 4″ blocks plus the scenic appliqued border. (I’m currently starting a sampler quilt with 6″ blocks.)

Sampler quilt
Sampler quilt

The last one reminds me of a book we loved when we were kids called Imagine. The book had a page that said “Imagine yourself painting a picture of yourself painting a picture of yourself painting a picture of yourself.” The artist captured that in this quilt. There’s the quilt itself. Then the clothesline has another quilt of the quilt with everything included. Lastly, the smaller quilt also has a picture of the larger quilt. Sunbonnet Sue is the star of the show. So many little details that you wouldn’t notice just walking by. The quilting includes cats, birds, squirrels, and a gnome. I know there would be more if I looked harder.

Picture in a picture in a picture
Picture in a picture in a picture

If only I’d brought my camera. These were all taken with my phone.

Next year, I’ll plan on taking a group of ladies and staying at least two days.

Wonder what they’ll come up with by then.


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