Fav Foto Friday #3

I was really wanting to get a picture of the beautiful fall flowers along the road but they were in the pipeline right-of-way and the pipeline company came along and mowed them down before I could get it. So, this week’s picture is one from several years ago of the same type of flowers. It’s another “Honey, get your camera!” as my husband saw the field on his way home from work. (He doesn’t actually call me Honey. He calls me Darlin’.) The field is still there and the flowers are back this year but most of the space is taken up with big machinery and storage buildings. Now, without further ado…

field of fall flowers


One thought on “Fav Foto Friday #3

  1. I try to carry my camera all the time, but of course I forget, or the battery is dead, or whatever… these flowers look like some variety of black-eyed-susans, probably planted under the Highway Beautification Program which I think Barbara Bush engineered, or at least had a hand in. We here in Ohio have a lot of Queen Anne’s Lace, and Chichory, Golden Rod, etc. They really are beautiful…
    Your husband calling you “Dar’lin” is charming. Mine always clled me “Mrs. D.”

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