Decision: keep blogging

I have been neglecting this blog since I’ve been back from my trip. I spent hours editing and uploading pictures. Had some internet problems which finally got fixed. But that’s all the excuses I have. I haven’t even kept up with the blogs I follow. I just read through a full month’s worth on one and checked the latest from a few others.

I just haven’t felt like blogging. I guess it’s because I haven’t really figured out what this blog is all about. But then I remember it’s all about the journey. So here goes.

I do want to share SOME of the 1000+ photos I took of my incredible journey with my daughter to some of the most beautiful places on earth. The hardest part is picking out just a few that would be my favorites. It was such an enjoyable trip that I find myself going to my pictures file and looking through the photos every couple of days or so. I wish I had had the time to take some really serious photos but we were traveling so often I was not able to stop. Many of the photos are from a train or bus window. Except for London, we traveled almost everyday.

We started in London. Spent 4 nights there in this little hotel in Chelsea close to King’s Road. It was quiet but within walking distance to 2 bus stops, a great little bakery (Gail’s) on the corner and a wonderful view of the Albert Bridge over the Thames in the other direction. We had a room on the ground floor and it was the only one that had access to the patio. (There was stair access from the kitchen area downstairs but rarely used.) The door had sweet roses blooming all around it.

Oakley Hotel

The Oakley Hotel

Rose trelllis

Door from our room to the patio

While in London, we walked a lot, took the “Tube” and rode buses and a couple of trains. Spent time at the National Museum, outside Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Hyde Park (that should have been an all day affair just to get through the park and all the wonderful things to see!) We got to see Big Ben and “The Eye” and the outside of Westminster Abbey.

We enjoyed seeing Wicked and The Phantom of the Opera on stage. They were fantastic performances.

Experienced Waterloo Station as patrons were leaving for the races dressed in all their finery and Victoria Station several times.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace—the Queen was in residence

Canada Gate

Canada Gate next to Buckingham Palace


St. James Park adjacent to Buckingham Palace


From St. James Park—a view of The London Eye and the Horse Guards Parade buildings

National Museum

The National Museum

The Eye

The London Eye

Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial

The statues, most of them, as well as other things you’ll notice, were covered in gold. I mean you found gold all over the place: statues, gates, lamp posts, Big Ben!

Big Ben

Big Ben

gold on lamp post

Lamp post on Westminster Bridge

Then there was the Peter Pan statue that we finally found in Hyde Park. If you have ever seen the film Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, this is where Peter wakes up when he gets back from Neverland. 

Peter Pan statue

Peter Pan statue

Harrod’s. What can I say about Harrod’s? It’s an entire mall within one store. Amazing.


Harrod’s Department Store

And Trafalgar Square. Wish I could have experienced some of these at night but, besides seeing two shows, we were just too tired to go back out after a long day.


Nelson’s Column—Trafalgar Square


Fountain—Trafalgar Square

There were many more things we saw and did. I would have enjoyed London much better if I had not developed a blister on the ball of my foot that just increased in size and pain every day as we walked and walked and walked. (I’m still feeling the effects of that but it’s getting better.) A change of shoes and rest helped. Next time I’ll have to stay a little longer. And wear the right shoes!

Next stop, Chatsworth.