This trip is really going to happen!

I am really getting excited! In less than a month I will be walking the streets of London. Or riding a train, or bus. I’ve purchased and received our rail passes. Reservations have been made at all hotels or hostels, sleeper cars on trains. Even reserved seats to see a musical in London.

Wondering if all my clothes will fit in my suitcase. I’m thinking I may need to bring some cool weather clothes. Norway is still cool now in the middle of May. For my friends over there it may not seem that way but here in Texas the temperatures are creeping to the upper 80F marks. May have to do a checked bag after all. I will definitely need to do a “run through” with the packing.

After discussing things with my hubby (who will be staying home), I may or may not bring my laptop. There are so many pros and cons. The more I plan, the more I think I may need it to access my saved places on Google Maps. I could just look at my phone for that but my phone will not be working over there. I’m on a prepaid phone and, unless I go with a new phone and a 2-year contract, I cannot get international anything on it. I really think the laptop will be coming with me, even if just to have it to transfer my photos to it.

There are so many things to do! Now that all the reservations have been made, there are things that I need to do to get ready. I need to write a checklist.

Gotta go now! I may write again before I leave. We’ll see!