The hills are alive…

I am really excited about next weekend! Fathom Events along with Turner Classic Movies will be bringing back to theaters across the US, The Sound of Music in honor of its 50th anniversary. It will be shown on Sunday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 22 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm both days.

I saw it for the 1st time when it came out when I was a child. Our whole family loved it. So much so that we saw it about 7 times since it stayed at the local theater for so long. It received an Academy Award for Best Picture that year. And it was. And it still is one of the greatest films of all times.

I loved the singing sisters at the convent. I loved the views of Austria. I loved the Captain and his children. I loved Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I loved everything about this movie. Little know fact about me is I walked down the aisle to the Processional from Maria’s wedding (without the “How do you solve a problem like Maria? part) when I got married.

Things I learned from The Sound of Music:

There’s hope for even the most troubled souls.

Fresh air and sunshine make for happy, well-developed children  people.

Children are resilient under all kinds of circumstances.

Singing makes everything better.

I’ll be taking my parents to see it on Sunday. They brought me when I was six. We’re going to have a great time. From the first scene on Maria’s mountain to the last where the family climbs and every point in between.

If you have never seen it before or if you are a die-hard fan, look up what theater closest to you is showing it and go. of music

                       And keep singing.


Thanks for reading my blog. Let me know your thoughts here.

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