Photo 101, Day 2: street and establishing shots

3 pictures here. The first is the street I live on. It’s a quiet street for the most part. It’s a beautiful street in both spring and fall. This pic was taken with my phone.

the street where I live

These next two were taken with my new camera: a Canon EOS Rebel T5. Today was a great day for photos as the sun finally came out. These show different perspectives. I enjoyed playing with the camera and its different lenses. These were taken at the Travel Information Center on IH10 as you enter Texas. I actually used to work there many eons ago after I first got married and moved here. That was before the newest building was there and way before anything called the Blue Elbow Swamp and its boardwalk ever existed. (Well, the swamp was there but wasn’t named.)

IMG_0126 IMG_0129

I also got some shots of a couple of alligators in the back of the center in the Blue Elbow Swamp. Just for your enjoyment. A little lagniappe as we call it.

Watch out!
Watch out!
Looking right at you
He's really not that big, maybe 5' long.
He’s really not that big, maybe 5′ long.

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