My trip of a lifetime

I am really getting excited! I just finalized reservations for lodging in the UK and Norway for the trip my daughter and I get to take this summer. The only nights not accounted for are the flight to London (overnighter) and the 2 we’ll be spending on trains going from (t)here to yon.

5th grade book
If I Were Going reader Row, Peterson and Company

I have dreamed about going to Norway since I was in the 5th grade. We were reading in our books about “the land of the midnight sun” and “fjords” and, being from the South, I couldn’t imagine. (Yes, that is really the book from 5th grade.) One day a couple of years ago, my husband and I had just finished watching Rick Steve’s trip to Norway on PBS. I mentioned that I’d always wanted to go there and he said that when I retired he would pay for me and our daughter to go. Well, I’m retired.

We’ve also added about 10 days to the first part of the trip to include the UK. Besides seeing the castles and houses and London itself, we’ll be going to the Isle of Skye. (Doesn’t the name just fire up your imagination?) Aside from being a really beautiful place, it’s a place of our ancestors. We will be visiting Dunvegan Castle where the Macleod clans are from.

Now the waiting begins. Wait until late next month to book our flights. Wait till March/April to book our visit to Highclere Castle and Chatsworth (afternoon tea). Wait until April to book trains when the timetables are up.

Wait till summer.


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