Don’t You Just Love Recycling/Repurposing Old Things?

My husband and I have been looking around for some time for an old door to hang on the wall in the laundry/mud room for me to hang my jackets and bags on. I had forgotten about it for a while. He hadn’t. One day he came home from work and told me to come outside. There in the bed of his truck was a pair of doors. They were perfect! After he carefully mulled it over and came up with a plan, we went to Home Depot and looked for the right hooks and purchased some wood and the hooks P7107009that perfectly matched the knobs P7107008that were already on the door. He measured, cut and stained the wood to a color close to what the door looked like. Seeing as how they are old doors, it wasn’t easy to match exactly. Instead of attaching the doors directly to the wall, we installed a rim of sorts for the top and bottom of the doors to sit in. P7107005Then we put the hooks on and voila’!