what’s up?

I have been busy organizing. It all started out about a month ago when I got some extra time at school. I went through the filing cabinet and cleaned out files that haven’t been used by me for a couple of years. I actually ended up with an entire file drawer that was empty! Then I headed for the cabinets, upper and lower, and cleaned out and reorganized–hopefully getting ready for the maintenance crew to install a sink. (We’ll see.)

After school was out for the summer, I helped my daughter clean out her bedroom starting with the closet and ending with her “study”. Ended up with about 10 bags of garbage and several piles of stuff for a garage sale. She left for camp and I started on the computer room, my closet and the kitchen drawers. I’m still not through. It goes a little bit at a time, mostly in bags or boxes for the garage sale.
Now, understand that I have never in my entire life done a garage sale and have no clue about pricing things. But! I have a friend who has and will hopefully have some time to help me out. Waiting till my daughter gets back to do that though.
I have also cleaned up my computer. Deleted programs I don’t use. Consolidated some files.
Who knows what will come next!

One thought on “what’s up?

  1. Your daughter sounds like mine… a bit of a collector, shall we say. I Loved your photos that you published in the right side of your blog. Lovely. You've captured God's beautiful creation amazingly. Thanks for sharing.


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